Rugged Earth Adventures COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Rugged Earth Adventures will be reopening from Tuesday 30 March 2021 . We will be implementing a host of additional measures in accordance with government guidelines.

Please see below a full breakdown of all our safety procedures for your chosen activity and visit to Rugged Earth. The health and safety of our guests and staff is always our first and last concern. 

All activity sessions, nerf parties, day camp, and bushcraft parties must be pre booked on our website or by telephone.


All Arrivals
  • Government guidelines on symptoms and self isolating etc must be adhered to before booking any activity.
  • If guests or their family members display any symptoms of COVID-19 they must postpone their visit. 
  • A refund may be issued if cancellation is due to symptoms of COVID-19 but this is down to the discretion of R E Adventures Ltd.
  • When dropping off for day camps you will be asked to confirm both yours & your childrens details. It will be a contactless system and only REA staff will touch the signing in equipment.
Party Arrivals
  • There may be other sessions occuring at the same time during your visit however these will be in seperate zones.
  • Camp Days we offer a drop and go facility only.
  • Nerf and Bushcraft Parties. We strongly recommend that parents drop and go. We are trying to stick to up to 6 parents (including the hosts) staying on site, there will be a seating area provided. The Garden Centre cafe will be open for the remaining parents who wish to wait on site. 


  • Additional members of staff will be on duty. Each staff member will have had safety training and be fully aware of our cleaning and safety methods.
  • Extra hand wash stations will be on site and each guest will be briefed to use them throughout the day at certain intervals such as toilet breaks, lunch breaks and activity changes. 


All Activity Safety Guidelines
  • Equipment – each guest will be issued equipment such as a Nerf blaster for the duration of the activities. No other child will be able to use this and once finished with, will be placed into a pot for sterilising and cleaning by our staff.
  • You may not bring your own Nerf blasters or bushcraft equipment.
  • Glasses – each guest will be issued a set of safety glasses for the whole day. No other child will be able to use these and once finished with, will be placed into a pot for sterilising and cleaning by the staff.
  • Masks – as we are outside these are not needed by children.
  • Kit Tubs – each guest will be issued an individual tub for their own sole use throughout the day. This will be for the guest’s individual items such as backpacks, water bottles, pack lunches etc. These will be clearly numbered. At the end of the day the staff will sterilise and clean these for future use.
  • A coloured tub will be used for all guests excess kit during parties i.e. jumpers, bags etc. A seperate water bottle pot will also be available for all guests during the party.
  • Seating zone – all seats will be cleaned before and after use for each activity session


Nerf Battlefield
  • The re-spawn or power boards will be a non-touch for children to get their power or life back once they have been shot during the Nerf tag games.
  • Guns – as above guests will be issued a blaster for the duration of the games. No other child will be able to use this and once finished with, will be placed into a pot for sterilising and cleaning by our staff.


  • Any equipment used during the traps and snares such as the paracord string will be placed into a pot for sterilising and cleaning for reuse. 


Campfire Cooking & Catering
  • Day Camps: We are asking all guests to bring their own packed lunch & drink. Rugged Earth will provide extra water breaks throughout the day.
  • Parties: Sadly, we will not be able to offer group cooking around the campfire. However, the meal will be prepared by our kitchen team in the same way and will include; campfire sausages in a roll with sauce, crisps, apples and an individual snack bowl containing 4 chocolate snacks. All dietary requirements, given notice, can be catered for. All food will be pre-prepped in a clean environment. 
  • Please do not bring any extra food for party guests.
  • Birthday cake – we recommend not bringing a large cake but individually wrapped cupcakes. Candles are allowed but cannot be blown out on a large cake that is being distributed. We are recommending sparklers in this instance!


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us via:

Email –
Phone – 07460 333050

We look forward to welcoming you back to Rugged Earth soon!

I just wanted to thank you all for giving the girls such a fantastic day last Wednesday!

Many parents have messaged me to say just how much their daughter enjoyed the day. As you saw, several girls were anxious because they either struggle with day camps or have never done anything like this before but the feedback has all been really positive! I know many other girls, my daughter included, have been to you several times before and are always very excited because they know just how much fun they are going to have with you.

When so much has been cancelled for them all it was really wonderful that such a large group (from a Yr 6 group of only 41 girls) could kick off their school holidays in such a fun way and really go wild together whilst learning new skills, developing confidence etc.

Many thanks for making this possible!

Wishing you all a great summer ahead and we will hopefully see you in the future even though the girls are getting older.


Thank you to you and your team for hosting a fab party for today. They had a fantastic time (“best party ever!”), especially his younger brother. We’re extremely pleased you were able to include his brother in the party who was desperate to join in. He absolutely loved it, as did our birthday boy.

Your staff were excellent - polite, professional and fun yet sensible throughout. All in all a fabulous experience!

Sam, I just wanted to thank you and your team for Thomas’ party yesterday. The boys had a brilliant time and it was really well managed at every point during the party by you and your team.
07460 333050
Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane
Guildford Road, Woking, GU4 7QB