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Arriving at your site with ten very excitable children we were met and managed with utmost professionalism.
I didn’t get the name of the very military style guy but he was amazing. Wrangling a gaggle of children and organising their activities whilst incorporating a very thorough safety brief with ease.
All the kids had an amazing time, the sweet bags as they departed were worth every penny. Rest assured we will be back.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the party this morning.

Sam and his team did a fantastic job, everything was so well organised from start to finish including being shown on arrival a run down of how the party would be.

The staff are a credit to the company and were brilliant with alot of screaming 6/7 year olds. (Plus the adults who had a blast aswell)

My son had a truly amazing party.

Thank you again.

I just wanted to say thank you for the party on Saturday. I was really impressed by the staff who were friendly, engaging, assertive and in control of all the kids. This is a real contrast to most of the businesses offering similarly priced party packages in the area where it's often lacklustre, chaotic, poorly thought out and feels/looks like a rip-off. This was very easy as a parent, felt very safe and is therefore great value for money. The children had a wonderful time.

07460 333050
Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane
Guildford Road, Woking, GU4 7QB