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February Half Term

14th-18th Feb

Nerf Fun

Divided into two teams guests are issued army jackets and choice their favourite blasters before heading to one of the two battle zones to guard their camp, hunt the escaped prisoners, protect the president and defend the secret radar.

Nerf Shooting Range

The range helps develop team’s skills and personal skills such as hand eye co-ordination and team work.

Camouflage & Concealment

A fun exercise, which teaches children how to use natural foliage and the environment to avoid detection. Will you be able to creep up on the staff to win a prize!

Archery Stalk

One of the oldest skills know to man used for hunting and battle. More exciting than the average fixed point range children will stalk through the woods to find their targets.

Shelter Building

Children will build a variety of improvised survival shelters using natural materials they gather from the land. Mini shelters are the perfect tool to demonstrate these skills.

Fire Lighting

One of the most important bushcraft and survival skills. You will be taught its many uses and methods of lighting both modern and ancient.

Campfire Cooking

Having established a fire this is an opportunity to learn some backwoods cooking skills. These may include smoking meats and root vegetable ember cooking. All guests cook a sausage on a stick for their lunch.

Traps and snares

An activity for the older guests. Our Bushcraft experts teach a variety of technics which the children will get a chance to practise.

Nature Art

Popular with our younger guests. After gathering fur cones, sticks, leafs, stones, mud and much more from the woods and meadow it’s back to the art tent to let their creative minds take over.

Bushcraft Games

A variety of fun team and individual games played in the meadow by all ages.

Book Your Day Camp


Gates open at 0945hrs and close at 1015hrs.
Briefing starts at 1015hrs sharp.
Pick up at 1515hrs sharp.

We have capacity for 48 children each day. Please send with a full pack lunch & drink. Water provided by Rugged Earth for refills etc.


Our day camps are suitable for children turning 6. They must be in Year 1 at school or about to start in September. Unfortunately we do not accommodate children starting reception or below.

We endeavour to put children into appropriate age groups. We operate a degree of flexibility to allow friends and siblings to be together and for children to choose which activities they would like to do. Nerf guns, army vests and safety goggles are provided.

We’ve kept our prices the same at our normal competitive rate with some alterations to the programme.
We’ve managed to do this despite the new safety procedures, extra staffing and additional measures in place.


At present we do not accept childcare vouchers.

We will be running a minimum of 5 different activities every day.

Please note: All bookings are non-refundable. If you wish to alter your booking within 10 days of your date there will be a £10 charge per child, per day.
This is at the complete discretion of R E Adventures Ltd.

A minimum of 10 individual bookings are needed for any day camp to go ahead.

Essential Downloads

I just wanted to thank you all for giving the girls such a fantastic day last Wednesday!

Many parents have messaged me to say just how much their daughter enjoyed the day. As you saw, several girls were anxious because they either struggle with day camps or have never done anything like this before but the feedback has all been really positive! I know many other girls, my daughter included, have been to you several times before and are always very excited because they know just how much fun they are going to have with you.

When so much has been cancelled for them all it was really wonderful that such a large group (from a Yr 6 group of only 41 girls) could kick off their school holidays in such a fun way and really go wild together whilst learning new skills, developing confidence etc.

Many thanks for making this possible!

Wishing you all a great summer ahead and we will hopefully see you in the future even though the girls are getting older.


Thank you to you and your team for hosting a fab party for today. They had a fantastic time (“best party ever!”), especially his younger brother. We’re extremely pleased you were able to include his brother in the party who was desperate to join in. He absolutely loved it, as did our birthday boy.

Your staff were excellent - polite, professional and fun yet sensible throughout. All in all a fabulous experience!

Sam, I just wanted to thank you and your team for Thomas’ party yesterday. The boys had a brilliant time and it was really well managed at every point during the party by you and your team.
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Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane
Guildford Road, Woking, GU4 7QB